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www.mbfashion.gr WEBSITE TERMS of USE

The website www.mbfashion.gr belongs to the company under the name Konstantinos Farsaris & Sons O. E, based in Koridallos, Attiki. The use of the website and its related rights and obligations are governed and regulated by the following terms.  

Before visiting and using our website and our services, we invite you to read with special attention the following terms and conditions under which the use of the website www.mbfashion.gr and its content is permitted. The use and navigation of this website is a presumption that the user/visitor has understood after a study and has accepted all the terms of use of the website. In case the user/visitor does not agree to the terms of use hereof, he/she must not make use of the services and its content.

The company reserves the right to unilaterally modify the terms of use of the www.mbfashion.gr website, to modify to add, or remove any information contained therein, without whatsoever Warning, and also to interrupt the operation of the unannounced. It also reserves the right to modify the present terms and conditions of use of the website at any time.

INTELLECTUAL Property RIGHTS (Copyright)
Any information, image, text and software contained on this website of the company under the name Konstantinos Farsaris & Sons O. E, is an original intellectual creation and is therefore protected in accordance with the Provisions of Law n. 2121/1993 "Protection of intellectual property and copyright related rights". Any act of reproduction, use of distribution or modification for any commercial purpose without the prior written permission of the company is expressly prohibited.

The "admins" of the company retain all copyrights regarding the content and copies created. The content of the website www.mbfashion.gr is available to users/visitors of the website for their personal use only. The content of the website consists of photographs of texts, video (with sound or without) etc, which are found on the website www.mbfashion.gr and constitute assets and constructions of the creators of the website.

The "admins" of the company and the website retain all copyrights regarding the content and the copies generated. The content of the website www.mbfashion.gr is available to its users/visitors strictly and exclusively for their personal use only. The content of the website consists of photographs, texts, video, animation etc., which are found on the website and constitute assets and constructions of the creators of the website or third persons who have granted the Intellectual property rights in terms of business.

It is expressly and rigorously and with any technical method (e.g. WMA, MP3, MPEG) that exists today or will be created in the future the storage of a file of either sound or image as well as the storage (download) of all material contained on the site ( Static images, photographs, logos, animations, sounds, flashes, mark, etc.), except as expressly authorized by the business managers.

If the user/visitor of the website www.mbfashion.gr wishes, he may receive informative messages (newsletters) of the website in his e-mail by submitting with his personal responsibility and selecting the details of his address His/her name and surname in the corresponding field. In the event that the user himself is not interested in continuing to receive informative messages, he is given the opportunity to declare the wish to terminate the mission through a relevant informational message.

For the convenience of the users/visitors of the page it is possible to provide in the present or in the future the possibility of access to third party websites through links (Lins). The use of these links will be made under the sole responsibility of the users of the website and the company bears no responsibility for the terms of use and operation of these.

The website www.mbfashion.gr may collect information about the users of the website using similar technologies, such as cookies. Cookies are small text files that are used to facilitate the access of the user/visitor regarding the use of specific services on the website www.mbfashion.gr for statistical purposes and in order to determine the Areas that are useful or popular. The individual user/visitor may choose to accept or not to use cookies. If the user/visitor of these services and pages does not wish to use cookies it is disclosed that they will not be able to access these services.

Every effort is made to ensure that the content and information shown on the website are clearly, accurately and precisely displayed, but the content of the www.mbfashion.gr website is provided as viewed and not No warranty is provided regarding the suitability, completeness and accuracy of its content for any purpose, use or application. The user/visitor proceeds with his own exclusive initiative and with full knowledge of the provided terms in the services, options and content of the website, excluding any liability (even negligence) of the managers from any damage (positive or consequential) suffered.

Also, the company under the name Konstantinos Farsaris & Sons O. E and website www.mbfashion.gr can not provide any guarantee that the pages, the options and the services of the website will be provided without errors and interruption. Furthermore, the user is informed that the administrators cannot guarantee that the services and functions of the website will be incessant and without errors, free from any viruses, whether it is the website itself or For another server through which the content of the website is transmitted.

In the event of an advertisement of a third natural or legal person on the website of www.mbfashion.gr, users/visitors are expressly notified that the administrators are not responsible for the content of the advertisement exposed to Website and will appear in any form (indicative and not restrictive reference: pop-up window, banner, pop-down window), as they are unable to control the accuracy and correctness of the content of third party advertisements (natural or Legal).

Under no circumstances shall the administrators of the website www.mbfashion.gr be liable for claims of civil or criminal nature or for any positive or consequential damage consisting of loss of earnings, financial satisfaction and will be caused by third parties or users of the website www.mbfashion.gr for cause related to the operation (e.g. spreading viruses, loss of data) or not as well as from the use of the website or any damage caused by any inability to provide services or from the possible Unauthorized use of third parties in the products and information available through it (indicatively: Data decryption, eavesdropping, etc.).

Each user must take all security measures (antivirus programs) prior to the entry and loading of the website.  In case of damage, rectification or repair, the cost for the restoration in the condition is assumed by the user/visitor and not the company.

For all kinds of clarifications, information, submission of requests and communication with the "admins" of the website www.mbfashion.grplease send an electronic letter to the corresponding field of the communication platform is available on the website.


The above terms and conditions of use of the website www.mbfashion.gr, as well as any change or modification of them are governed by the national and Community law and the relevant international treaties. No amendment to the terms of this Agreement shall be taken into account between the "Administrator" and the user nor shall it be incorporated into it if it has not been formulated in writing and has not been incorporated into this agreement. It ceases automatically to apply herein, any provision of the terms if it is found to be contrary to a legal framework or has become out of force, without any warning and without prejudice to the validity of the other terms. We hereby expressly agreed that any disputes arising from the application of these terms and the use of the website www.mbfashion.gr by the visitor/user, if not resolved amicably, are governed and interpreted by Greek law and Under the jurisdiction of the courts of Piraeus.

If you find any problem when using the website, problems related to intellectual property rights, please notify us as soon as possible.

Access to the company's website by visitors is a presumption that they have been understood with completeness and adequacy all the above mentioned and that they are provided with full agreement with these terms.

The user accepts and consents as the company, under the terms of the provisions of Law 2472/1997, as amended by N. 3471/2006 and currently stands, will keep in file and process any personal data, which will get into to the knowledge of this (of the company) from the user's visit to the website in order to: the general information of the user, the satisfaction of the individual requirements of the user regarding the services available From and through the website, informing the user about new offers, services, products, etc. (indicatively, we send newsletters, offers, announcement of new services, etc.), the proper functioning of the website and in general all related to the above mentioned action.